Altafulla: Fat is fun

7-9 September 2018 – Altafulla, Spain
Outreach activity: “La personalidad dividida de la grasa”
Demonstration for children on the beach the physics behind fat in water 

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Thermal transport across nanoparticle-fluid interfaces: the interplay of interfacial curvature and nanoparticle-fluid interactions

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2016)
Anna Sofia Tascini,   Jeff Armstrong,   Eliodoro Chiavazzo,   Matteo Fasano,   Pietro Asinari and    Fernando Bresme

We investigate the general dependence of the thermal transport across nanoparticle-fluid interfaces using molecular dynamics computations. We show that the thermal conductance depends strongly both on the wetting characteristics of the nanoparticle-fluid interface […]

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SNAL @ Imperial Festival

Discover why a ‘split personality’ makes fat molecules key to life, and play with a sticky polymer slime you can make at home.

From the 8th to the 10th of May, the Imperial Festival returns for the fourth time, opening its doors so that visitors can see, with their own eyes, some of the research carried […]

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Imperial College London: Fundamentals and Applications of Lipid Membrane Biophysics

Dates: 22nd-24th September 2015
Location: Horsley Park (Ockham Road South, East Horsley, KT24 6DT)

Lipid membranes are the basic building blocks for almost all living organisms. For years numerous reports have been focused on this area to establish a comprehensive understanding of membrane structures. More recently, the development of modern experimental techniques, such as small-angle X-ray scattering, small-angle neutron scattering and […]

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IC – Membrane Biophysics group facilities

The Membrane Biophysics group of Imperial College of London has a range of equipment, much of which is under constant development to ensure we remain at the forefront of membrane biophysics research. They also have two fully equiped preparation labs.
Please see the sections below for a more detailed description of our facilities.

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Atomistic Simulation

Atomistic simulation is the theoretical and computational modelling of what happens at the atomic scale in solids, liquids, molecules and plasmas. It could be perform throughout Molecular Statics and Molecular Dynamics [1, 2].
Molecular dynamics simulations follow the same approach of a real experiment:
The first step is the preparation and the description of a sample of […]

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Summary of the Meeting in Cambridge 1 October 2014

1-2 October 2014 – Cambridge, Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

After months of discussions and proposals conducted by supervisors from each host institution and the program director, Dr. Vladimir Baulin, the management meeting in Cambridge sets the beginning of a great adventure!
In an atmosphere both earnest and casual, many topics have been […]

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ESR6-L: Atomistic and coarse-grained simulations of the interactions of nano-objects and biosurfactants with lipid bilayers

This project is focused on the study of the interactions of nano-objects and biosurfactants with lipid bilayers using continuum theory and atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations.

Equilibrium state of stratum corneum (SC) lipid bilayers in contact with keratin corneocytes;
Interaction of nanoparticles and proteins with SC lipid bilayers;
Understanding the role of strongly-asymmetric ceramides in the structure […]

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