Peroxidised phospholipid bilayers: insight from Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics simulations

Soft Matter, 12, 263-271 (2016)
Yachong Guo, Vladimir Baulin and Fabrice Thalmann

An original coarse-grained model for peroxidised phospholipids is presented, based on the MARTINI lipid force field. This model results from a combination of thermodynamic modelling and structural information on the area per lipid, which have been made available recently. The resulting coarse-grained lipid molecules form stable bilayers, […]

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Strasbourg: Principles of Imaging for Membrane systems

Dates: 30 November – 3 December 2015
Location: Institut Charles Sadron (23, Rue de Loess, 67034, Strasbourg, France)
Core training courses will cover such topics as methodology, models, and statistical estimation and hypothesis tests. Essential background and computational models for modelling lipid bilayers and their interactions with nano-objects will also be provided.

Given the large differences in background between experimental […]

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Physical Damage on Giant Vesicles Membrane as a Result of Methylene Blue Photoirradiation

Biophys. J. 106 (1), 162-71 (2014)
Omar Mertins, Isabel O.L. Bacellar, Fabrice Thalmann, Carlos M. Marques, Maurício S. Baptista, Rosangela Itri
In this study we pursue a closer analysis of the photodamage promoted on giant unilamellar vesicles membranes made of dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DOPC) or 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (POPC), by irradiating methylene blue present in the giant unilamellar vesicles solution. By means […]

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ESR8-S: Kinetics of nanoscale structural changes occurring in small unilamellar vesicles

Experimental investigation of unilamellar vesicles using microscopy techniques
Monika Kluzek
Experimental project on small unilamellar lipid vesicles (SUV) interacting with nanoparticles, with special emphasis on the use of transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM). This project will consist in elaborating, characterizing and studying in detail decorated liposomes, using state of the art techniques such as EM tomography and time […]

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Collision induced spatial organization of microtubules

V.A. Baulin, C.M. Marques, F. Thalmann
Biophysical Chemistry, 128(2-3), 231 – 244 (2007)
The dynamic behavior of microtubules in solution can be strongly modified by interactions with walls or other structures. We examine here a microtubule growth model where the increase in size of the plus-end is perturbed by collisions with other microtubules. We show that […]

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