Pure Protein Bilayers and Vesicles from Native Fungal Hydrophobins

Advanced Materials: 10.1002/adma.201602888 (2016)
H. Hähl, J. Nabor Vargas, A. Griffo, P. Laaksonen, G. Szilvay, M. Lienemann, K. Jacobs, R. Seemann, J.-B. Fleury

Pure protein bilayers and vesicles are formed using the native, fungal hydrophobin HFBI. Bilayers with hydrophobic (red) and hydrophilic (blue) core are produced and, depending on the type of core, vesicles in water, oily […]

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Fast membrane hemifusion via dewetting between lipid bilayers

Soft Matter, 2014, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C4SM01577K

Jose Nabor Vargas, Ralf Seemannab and Jean-Baptiste Fleury
The behavior of lipid bilayers is important to understand the functionality of cells like the trafficking of ions. Standard procedures to explore the properties of lipid bilayers and hemifused states typically use supported membranes or vesicles. Both techniques have several shortcomings in […]

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