Manchester: 2D Materials and Interfaces

Lectures on Physics of Graphene, Lipids and Proteins
Dates: 9-10 April 2015
Location: School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

The lectures will be delivered by several invited experts as well as PIs in the training network. The courses will teach basic science and discuss recent advances in 2D materials research exploring their unique properties and […]

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ER1-U: Delivery of skin bioactives to assess the impact of membrane lytic biopolymers

Impact of membrane lytic biopolymers on skin lipid membranes
Radka Petkova
Exploration  of  the  possibilities  in  obtaining  of  end  product  and  involvement  of  the  private sector in the training program.

Exploring opportunities to implement the findings from different work programs into product relevant system;
Identify potential gaps in the available toolbox for studying nano-object interactions with membrane lipid bi-layers and […]

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ESR9-M: Investigation of interaction of membrane-lytic molecules with lipid monolayer

Supported bilayers and vesicles
The intention of this project is to obtain experimental information and feedback for system improvement of nano-objects interacting with model membranes (supported bilayers and vesicles).

to apply a combination of techniques including neutron reflectivity, SANS (Manchester, Unilever), AFM, TEM (Strasbourg, Manchester) to characterise supported lipid bilayers and model vesicles;
to  investigate  how  different  nano-objects  […]

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Dual modes of antitumor action of an amphiphilic peptide A9K

Hai Xu, Cui Xia Chen, Jing Hua, Peng Zhou, Ping Zeng, Chang Hai Cao, Jian Ren Lu
Biomaterials, 34, 2731-2737 (2013)
Following our recent report of attractive antibacterial properties of a designed amphiphilic peptide, A9K, we have investigated its antitumor activities by examining the modes of its action against different mammalian cell types. The peptide strongly inhibited […]

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Molecular mechanisms of antibacterial and antitumor actions of designed surfactant-like peptides

Cuixia Chen, Jing Hu, Shengzhong Zhang, Peng Zhou, Xichen Zhao, Hai Xu, Xiubo Zhao, Mohammed Yaseen, Jian R. Lu

Biomaterials, 33 (2), 592–603 (2012)

Biomimicry of antimicrobial peptides secreted by innate immune systems represents a major strategy in developing novel antibacterial treatments. There are however emerging concerns over the possible compromise of host natural defenses by these […]

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