Postdoc on modelling complex colloidal mixtures for use in bionic muscle engineering (Paris-Saclay, France)

We have an open PDRA position (fully funded, four years) on biocompatible stimuli-responsive polymer/colloid mixtures at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides in Orsay, France funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) through a Pathfinder Open research grant. This grant was awarded to a research consortium composed of groups from Eindhoven University of Technology (The […]

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Phd research project: A radical approach to Alzheimer’s Disease via next-generation computational and experimental methods

The proposed PhD project takes on a radical new path towards the study of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which will open novel avenues for the development of breakthrough drugs with high-therapeutic efficacy against AD. This research path builds upon accumulating, compelling and independent lines of evidence, which demonstrate that a family of microorganism are associated to […]

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Post-doc position: Biophysical properties of chromatin

The project
Mutations in chromatin regulators can lead to multiple pathological conditions which are commonly referred as chromatinopathies (CPs). The project –funded by Telethon Foundation- is centered on determining the mechanisms and functional implications of mutations in chromatin regulators observed in CPs by adopting biophysical approaches. The herein program aims to define the role of chromatin-associated […]

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2 PhD projects in Soft Matter Physics: theory and experiment of self-assembling patchy virus rods (Paris & Bordeaux, France)

We are advertising 2 PhD projects in the Soft Matter groups of the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (Orsay, France) and the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (Bordeaux, France). We have funded positions for both an experimental candidate(Bordeaux) and a theoretical one (Orsay).
The project concerns a collaborative study of passive and active self-assembly of patchy colloidal rods and aims […]

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Ph.D and postdoc positions in theoretical-computational membrane biophysics

Fully funded Ph.D and postdoctoral positions in the area of membrane biophysics are available in my research group at Ben Gurion University, Israel.
Our group applies analytical and computational methods of statistical mechanics to understand the physical principles behind the functioning of complex biological and biomedical systems. We are especially interested in developing coarse-grained physical models […]

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PhD Scholarship in microhydrodynamics at IPPT PAS, Warsaw, Poland

There is a PhD scholarship (sponsored within NCN OPUS 16 scientific project) available in the group of Prof. Maria Ekiel-Jezewska of Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS, Warsaw, Poland.
The goal is to analyze dynamics of microparticles settling under gravity or entrained by external fluid flows. This goal will be addressed numerically and theoretically, with a […]

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PhD student position in Soft Matter Physics – University of Warsaw

I have an opening for a PhD student in my group at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (Poland).

The position is focused on theoretical and numerical aspects of the dynamics of elastic filaments in viscous fluid, with an experimental verification planned within the project.

It is a 3-years project with a possible extension by 1 […]

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Postdoc position in Molecular Simulation of Colloids – University of Manchester, UK

A postdoctoral Research Associate position, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is available for an outstanding and ambitious researcher to develop stochastic simulation methods for the study of the dynamics in crowded colloidal suspensions.

The selected candidate will work in my group, at the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester.

Starting date: May […]

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Master/PhD Position: Principles of Biofilm Architecture

We are hiring! You are a Master student? Attracted by interdisciplinary research? Fascinated by biological materials? Join us to study how bacteria design and build their cosy slimy home!
The topic: Biofilms are complex 3D structures, which form as bacteria get embedded in a matrix of self-produced fibers (amyloid and cellulose). Because biofilms are known to […]

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Postdoctoral position in Biological Physics

The BioModeling, BioInformatics & BioProcesses lab of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) invites applications for a postdoctoral research position in the field of biological physics.  The appointment will be initially for a period for 18 months starting between January and March 2019, financed by the FNRS Fund for Scientific Research, with the possibility of […]

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Postdoc positions School of physical sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing

Chair professor Rudolf Podgornik in the Foreign-expert 1000-talents program of Chinese government at the School of physical sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), Zhongguancun Campus, Beijing, invites outstanding young researchers in physical sciences to apply for up to 3 postdoc positions in 2018. We are interested in candidates working in the following areas, […]

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