Recruited ESR

Recruited ESR

Mattia Morandi

Optical microscopy and microrheology of giant unilamellar vesicles interacting with nano-objects

Ankush Checkervarty

Monte Carlo simulations of lipid membranes and their interactions with copolymers

Berardo Mario Manzi

Computer simulations of equilibrium structures of lipid membranes and nano-objects

Chanfei Su

Modelling of interactions between membranes and spherical and aspherical nano-particles

Anna Orlowska

Delivery of molecular payloads through primary human cell membrane

Adrien Berthault

Molecular simulation models of biomimetic polymers in lipid bilayers

Andre Dias

Toxicity of nano-objects on human cells models

Alex Chen

Bioengineering of membrane associating polymers and polymer-protein complexes

Daniela Ciumac

Investigation of interaction of membrane-lytic molecules with lipid monolayer

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