EUREKA Prize for SNAL partner Elena Ivanova

Known as the Oscars of Australian Science, this year Eureka Prize was given to SNAL associated partner in Swinburne University of Technology Profs. Elena Ivanova and Saulius Juodkazis for invention of mechano-bactericidal surfaces inspired by insect wings. See full story at Swinburne University web site.
A line of SNAL research Membrane-active nanostructured surfaces has won the […]

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Training in Dresden

An idea not yet presented is as ineffective as no idea.
As almost all the ESRs were reaching the mid term of their Phd projects, they were required to present the ideas that they have learnt and results they have obtained after finishing the half time of their project. All ESRs presented briefly the research, which […]

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Open lecture on dragonflies research in Catalonia

18 November 2016 – Amposta, Spain
As a part of the annual event “Week of Science” celebrated in Catalonia (Setmana de la Ciència a Catalunya), Vladimir Baulin (researcher at URV) and Pere Luque (entomologist in the Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre) presented an open lecture for general public about research on dragonflies in Catolonia. The event took place […]

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Training in Frankfurt

Full of new ideas after the Strasbourg event, most of the ESRs moved towards the Goethe University in Frankfurt to learn some detailed ideas from the in vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo research. This workshop aimed to give an overview of clinical research, which directly helps in the improvement of human health and welfare. Not […]

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Training course in Strasbourg

As the year 2015 was coming to its end, SNAL ESRs gathered again in Strasbourg to get their last dose of new and contemporary ideas in the field of Lipid Membrane Research. The aim of this training course was to expose ESRs working from the different aspects of same research field, namely synthesis, theory and […]

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Workshop in Salou

The 4th workshop on biomaterials and their interactions with biological and model membranes was held in Salou (October 19th — 21th). Following up to the previous three workshops in 2011, 2013 and 2014, this meeting mainly focused on the interactions of synthetic polymers, nanoparticles, surfactants, proteins, small biomolecules with biological and model phospholipid membranes. Participants […]

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Summer School in Roccalumera

With the sound of waves breaking on the sand, a new generation of scientists was learning, questioning, and interacting with their peers. Such a social experience is always fruitful because it helps people to understand each other and create unique moments which will be remembered.
The summer school in Roccalumera (Sicily, Italy) aimed to bring together […]

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Fundamentals and applications of lipid membrane biophysics

Horsley Park, 22nd-24th September 2015

Researchers from the ITN-SNAL network have met again to discuss the frontiers in the biophysics and biochemistry of lipid membranes. Throughout the two-day meeting (22.09.2015 – 24.09.2015) held in Horsley Park, UK, young researchers had a unique opportunity for active interactions with experts in the field. By showing their latest results […]

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SNAL @ Imperial Festival

Discover why a ‘split personality’ makes fat molecules key to life, and play with a sticky polymer slime you can make at home.

From the 8th to the 10th of May, the Imperial Festival returns for the fourth time, opening its doors so that visitors can see, with their own eyes, some of the research carried […]

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Meeting in Manchester 8th-11th April 2015

8th-11th April 2015 – School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, UK

It has now been six months since ESRs started their PhD, giving them a more accurate overview of their topic, its limits and its possible extensions. This meeting which was attended by most of the ITN SNAL Network and was organized by Jian […]

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Dragonfly Expedition

26 June 2015 – Massif Els Ports, Tarragona, Spain
Dragonfly expedition to Massif Els Ports in collaboration with Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre, Amposta, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona
Unique limestone massif Els Ports is situated in Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon, characterised by its abrupt cliff faces, which has been inhabited […]

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Informal ESR meeting of ITN SNAL network 6/7 Novembre 2014

6-7 November 2014 – Roda de Barà, Tarragona, Spain
The second article of the Press Release section will be dedicated to the two days spent in Tarragona and organized by the MSCA Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

This meeting aimed to point out the role of ESRs within the ITN-SNAL Network, its possibilities and improve the relationships between the […]

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Summary of the Meeting in Cambridge 1 October 2014

1-2 October 2014 – Cambridge, Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

After months of discussions and proposals conducted by supervisors from each host institution and the program director, Dr. Vladimir Baulin, the management meeting in Cambridge sets the beginning of a great adventure!
In an atmosphere both earnest and casual, many topics have been […]

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