Swinburne, Australia

Expertise in Microbiology and Biotechnology/Nanobiotechnology. Design, fabrication and operation of planar micro-devices, immobilization of bio-molecules and micro-organisms in micro/nano/environments, bacterial interactions with macro/micro/nano-structured surfaces.

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Elena Ivanova Nanobiotechnology group at Swinburne is internationally recognised as one of the leading groups at investigating bacterial attachment on surfaces of micro- and nano restricted topographies.

Selection of relevant publications

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Ivanova, Elena, Vi Truong, Hayden Webb, Vladimir Baulin, Vladimir Baulin, James Wang, Narges Mohammodi, Feng Wang, Christopher Fluke, and Russell Crawford. 2011. "Differential attraction and repulsion of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa on molecularly smooth titanium films." Scientific Reports, 1.