Proteins & Nanoparticles @ Membranes 2014

Julich, Germany
Lipid and surfactant membranes are important building blocks for many applications of soft matter physics, and play an essential role for biological systems. A detailed understanding of protein, nanoparticle and virus interactions with membranes is important for a variety of processes – ranging from material transport within the cell and cellular uptake to viral infection and nanotoxicity.

The relevant mechanisms can only be understood by considering simultaneously the physicochemical properties of membrane, nano-particles, and proteins. Therefore, this workshop intends to bring together researchers that are interested in particles and proteins, as well as those interested in lipid membranes and surfactants.

This workshop is sponsored by the SoftComp network, but is open to anyone who wishes to take part. Contributed talks and posters will be selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jülich in October!

Thorsten Auth, Patricia Bassereau, and Gerhard Gompper

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