High-Throughput 3D Visualization of Nanoparticles attached to the Surface of Red Blood Cells

Nanoscale, December (2018)
André Dias, Marco Werner, Kevin Ward, Jean-Baptiste Fleury, Vladimir A. Baulin
Blood circulation is the main distribution route for systemic delivery and the possibility to manipulate red blood cells by attaching nanoparticles to their surface provides a great opportunity for cargo delivery into tissues. Nanocarriers attached to red blood cells can be delivered to […]

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The Effect of Coatings and Nerve Growth Factor on Attachment and Differentiation of Pheochromocytoma Cells

Materials, 11(1) 60 (2018)
Anna Orlowska, Pallale Tharushi Perera, Mohammad Al Kobaisi, Andre Dias,
Huu Khuong Duy Nguyen, Shahram Ghanaati, Vladimir A. Baulin, Russell J. Crawford, Elena P. Ivanova
Cellular attachment plays a vital role in the differentiation of pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells. PC12 cells are noradrenergic clonal cells isolated from the adrenal medulla of Rattus norvegicus and studied extensively […]

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Sugar-based collagen membrane cross-linking increases barrier capacity of membranes

Clin. Oral Invest.,  (2017)
Po-ju Chia-LaiAnna OrlowskaSarah Al-MaawiAndre DiasYunxin ZhangXuejiu WangNiklas ZenderRobert SaderC. James KirkpatrickShahram Ghanaati
This study examines the permeability and barrier capacity of a sugar cross-linked resorbable collagen membrane ex vivo and in vivo. In an ex vivo study, injectable platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF), a peripheral blood-derived human leukocyte-and-platelet-rich plasma was used to analyze membrane permeability. […]

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Reduction of the relative centrifugal force influences cell number and growth factor release within injectable PRF-based matrices

J Mater Sci: Mater Med, 28, 188 (2017)
Simon Wend, Alica Kubesch, Anna Orlowska, Sarah Al-Maawi, Niklas Zender, Andre Dias, Richard J. Miron, Robert Sader, Patrick Booms, C. James Kirkpatrick, Joseph Choukroun, Shahram Ghanaati
Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a blood concentrate system obtained by centrifugation of peripheral blood. First PRF matrices exhibited solid fibrin scaffold, more recently […]

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Summer School in Roccalumera

With the sound of waves breaking on the sand, a new generation of scientists was learning, questioning, and interacting with their peers. Such a social experience is always fruitful because it helps people to understand each other and create unique moments which will be remembered.
The summer school in Roccalumera (Sicily, Italy) aimed to bring together […]

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ESR11-F: Delivery of molecular payloads through primary human cell membrane

In-vitro experiments on living cells, toxicology studies
Andre Dias
The goal is to compare and validate the synthetic lipid models to biologically relevant cell types and to investigate how different nano-objects interact with representative lipid single and bilayers compared to human cells with and without therapeutic incorporation.
Tasks and methodology

Cellular uptake of fluorescence-labelled nano-complexes will be checked by […]

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