Computer simulations of protein-bilayer interactions

Mutual adaptation of the structure in molecular motors and impact of structural changes in the thermodynamic efficiency of the molecular motor. Open PhD position   more

Interaction of peptides and proteins with membranes

Cell membranes represent a serious protective barrier for external molecules, proteins, nanoparticles and drugs. This barrier is quite efficient in protecting the interior of the cells. Cell penetrat...


Dual modes of antitumor action of an amphiphilic peptide A9K

Hai Xu, Cui Xia Chen, Jing Hua, Peng Zhou, Ping Zeng, Chang Hai Cao, Jian Ren Lu Biomaterials, 34, 2731-2737 (2013) Following our recent report of attractive antibacterial properties of a designed amp...

Manipulation and sorting of membrane proteins using patterned diffusion-aided ratchets with AC fields in supported lipid bilayers

[button href="" color="lime_green" target="_blank" id=""]PDF[/button] Matthew R. Cheetham, Jonathan P. Bramble, Duncan G. G. McMillan, Richard J. Bushby, Peter...