Postdoc: q-bio of cellular information processing

We are looking for postdocs with expertise in biology, physics, mathematics, or engineering. Opportunities span experimental, computational, and theoretical projects centered around quantitative micro- and cell-biology. Although research topics are flexible, potential areas of exploration include live-cell imaging of individual and collective cellular behaviors (potentially involving strain construction), information-theoretic analyses of cell signaling, image and time-series analyses using advanced statistical techniques including machine learning, and the development of pioneering measurement tools in microscopy and microfluidics. The positions are backed by the stable core funding available at our institute and other international and Taiwanese grants. Multiple fellowship opportunities are available. Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis until all positions are filled. The start date is flexible.

Our team is diverse and international. We actively seek applicants who can contribute to an inclusive group culture. An interdisciplinary ethos is at the heart of our lab, facilitating close interaction between individuals from varied backgrounds and fostering the generation of innovative ideas.

Interested candidates are encouraged to email Keita, attaching their CV, a concise outline of their scientific interests, and the contact information of two references.
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Written by Keita Kamino
<p>Quantitative biology of adaptive cellular behavior and information processing</p>
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