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Postdoc on modelling complex colloidal mixtures for use in bionic muscle engineering (Paris-Saclay, France) We have an open PDRA position (fully funded, four years) on biocompatible stimuli-responsive polymer/colloid mixtures … 2022/03/31 2022-03-31 11:22:18
Phd research project: A radical approach to Alzheimer’s Disease via next-generation computational and experimental methods The proposed PhD project takes on a radical new path towards the study of Alzheimer’s … 2021/11/04 , , , 2021-11-04 14:27:00
Postdoc: Theoretical modeling of nanoparticles interacting with cells OBJECTIVES The project is based on a recent publications showing the importance of membrane tension … 2021/07/11 2021-07-11 15:57:29
General topic postdoc positions at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has been awarded a Marie Curie Cofund program, called [email protected], … 2021/03/25 2021-03-25 15:34:26
Post-doc position: Biophysical properties of chromatin The project Mutations in chromatin regulators can lead to multiple pathological conditions which are commonly … 2021/02/24 , , 2021-02-24 19:29:14
7 fully-funded PhD studentships in Biophysics (BiPAS CDT) The Centre for Doctoral Training in Biological Physics Across Scales (BiPAS) at King’s College London … 2020/05/01 2020-05-01 19:33:03
PhD Study of the mechanism/s of biological effects of low-power radiofrequency emissions This project is part of RMIT University node under the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects … 2020/03/15 2020-03-15 20:47:59
PhD Study of marine microbiology and underwater diversity This project is focused on studying the diversity of microorganisms living in the Mediterranean sea: … 2020/01/02 2020-01-02 10:51:06
Postdoc position: Shape, shear, search mathematical models of bacteria We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher to work on an EPSRC-funded project to develop an … 2019/10/03 2019-10-03 11:43:14
2 PhD projects in Soft Matter Physics: theory and experiment of self-assembling patchy virus rods (Paris & Bordeaux, France) We are advertising 2 PhD projects in the Soft Matter groups of the Laboratoire de Physique … 2019/09/06 2019-09-06 16:12:55
Ph.D and postdoc positions in theoretical-computational membrane biophysics Fully funded Ph.D and postdoctoral positions in the area of membrane biophysics are available in … 2019/09/04 , 2019-09-04 11:00:47
PhD Scholarship in microhydrodynamics at IPPT PAS, Warsaw, Poland There is a PhD scholarship (sponsored within NCN OPUS 16 scientific project) available in the … 2019/09/04 , , , , , , , , , , 2019-09-04 09:38:58
PhD student position in Soft Matter Physics – University of Warsaw I have an opening for a PhD student in my group at the Faculty of … 2019/07/15 , 2019-07-15 19:38:58
Postdoc position in Molecular Simulation of Colloids – University of Manchester, UK A postdoctoral Research Associate position, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is available for an outstanding … 2019/01/22 , , 2019-01-22 19:14:16
Master/PhD Position: Principles of Biofilm Architecture We are hiring! You are a Master student? Attracted by interdisciplinary research? Fascinated by biological … 2018/11/09 , , , , 2018-11-09 18:48:58
Postdoctoral position in Biological Physics The BioModeling, BioInformatics & BioProcesses lab of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) invites applications … 2018/10/22 2018-10-22 10:34:54
Postdoc position: simulation and modelling of shear-thickening suspensions in Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France We have an opening for a 18-month postdoctoral researcher, starting from February 2019, to work … 2018/10/20 2018-10-20 11:20:14
Postdoc position: uncovering mathematical descriptions for use in the Japanese art of paper cutting at Aarhus Denmark Applications are invited for a 2 year (1+1) postdoctoral position with a background in theoretical … 2018/10/20 2018-10-20 08:10:18
Post-doc position in Fluid flows shaping morphology The Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization at Göttingen, Germany, is an international research … 2018/10/20 2018-10-20 07:41:22
PhD in multiscale mechanisms of evolutionary dynamics in microbes The Theoretical Biology Group at ETH Zurich is hiring a Ph.D. student to study multiscale … 2018/10/05 2018-10-05 10:43:47
Development and mechanistic characterisation of membrane-active anticancer peptides Organisms are well known to produce their own antibiotic host-defence peptides that act through damaging … 2018/06/19 2018-06-19 11:40:11
Theoretical problems in the areas of soft and living matter Prof. Eleni Katifori in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, … 2018/06/19 2018-06-19 11:37:13
Frustrated self-assembly, theoretical descriptions of the cytoskeleton, protein-membrane interactions PhD and postdoctoral openingsat CNRS’ LPTMS lab in Orsay (Paris area). The postdoc will have … 2018/05/25 , 2018-05-25 14:56:37
Novel bacterial motility behaviors The Taute lab at the Rowland Institute at Harvard is offering a postdoc opportunity at … 2018/05/24 2018-05-24 11:39:04
Self-organization mediated by surface waves A 2 years postdoctoral position is currently open at Institut de Physique de Rennes (France). … 2018/05/07 2018-05-07 11:52:13
Postdoc positions School of physical sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Chair professor Rudolf Podgornik in the Foreign-expert 1000-talents program of Chinese government at the School … 2018/05/01 2018-05-01 05:53:06
Variable resolution algorithms for macromolecular simulations Two postdoc positions are available in the framework of the ERC StG project VARIAMOLS – … 2018/04/30 2018-04-30 14:44:02
Variable resolution algorithms for macromolecular simulations TwoPhD positions are available in the framework of the ERC StG project VARIAMOLS – Variable … 2018/04/30 2018-04-30 14:41:11
Interfacial mechanisms responsible for the frictional behavior We invite applications for a one-year postdoctoral position to work on the interfacial mechanisms responsible … 2018/04/30 2018-04-30 14:31:25
Microfluidic flow of biomimetic tissues The University of Montpellier offers three PhD grants to carry on a PhD in Physics … 2018/04/30 2018-04-30 14:19:40
Polymer synthesis and characterization, ESPCI Paris Context L’École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI … 2018/04/30 2018-04-30 13:40:04
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