ITN-SNAL Marie Curie Project URV

  Universitat Rovira i Virgili Coordinate EU-funded Marie Curie training network for Early Stage Researchers ITN-SNAL Smart Nano-objects for Alteration of Lipid bilayers (SNAL) Initial Training N...

Self-assembly of interpolyelectrolyte complexes and their interaction with lipid membranes

 Electrostatic interactions are instrumental in determining the structure and function of living organisms, biopolymers and drug delivery systems. Charged macromolecules can self-assemble and aggregat...

Translocation of nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and polymers through bilayers

Cell membranes represent a serious protective barrier for external molecules, proteins, nanoparticles and drugs. This barrier is quite efficient in protecting the interior of the cells. However, large...

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