Intelligent Soft Matter

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The field of soft matter has undergone significant evolution in the past decade, transitioning from a focus on nanoparticle-based soft matter and 2D materials to bioinspired, functional, and responsive materials. The next ambitious step involves the development of intelligent or cognizant soft matter as a new frontier, where materials may possess properties that enable them to comprehend the environment and generate a response. This includes advancements in swarm intelligence, soft robotics, and 4D materials that can change shape over time in response to external stimuli. This innovative concept aims to bridge the gap between self-learning, adaptive soft materials and sensors, artificial intelligence and decision-making in distributed systems. Furthermore, it can contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationship between the microstructure of materials and their ability for autonomous and decentralized decision making and response. Finally, intelligent artificial soft systems might be instructive for a better understanding of biological systems, moving toward the knowledge-based design of synthetic cells with life-like functions.


Connect three fields and find the basis for design of Intelligent Soft Matter

Fuzzy fibers, electronic nose, artificial hair, self-learning materials, compliant oscillators, electronic skin

Soft robots, self-propelled particles, active matter, 4D materials, autonomous actuators, origami-based robots, shape-shifting materials

Active Inference, Generative AI, neural networks made of materials, swarm intelligence, AI for material design, augmented research, LLM, active inference, ecosystems of shared intelligence

The aim of the workshop is to find collectively the ways to design new type of matter: Intellignent Matter by combining the expertise and cooperation of the experts from three fields: active matter, decision-making and nanosensors.

The focus will be given to networking activities and discussions with a lot of free time.

Why attend?

Designed as a hands-on workshop with the focus on networking and meeting experts. Interdisciplinarity of speakers stimulates lateral thinking and brings unusual topics. Full participation throughout the event is essential to maximize the benefits of these interactions.

Preparation of dynamic brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas and explore new research directions.

Discuss strategies and funding opportunities for the new field of Intelligent Soft Matter. Preparation of grant writing session.

Enjoy a conducive environment for scientific discussions, promoting open and productive exchanges.

Special attention to high quality food enhancing informal networking opportunities.


Departament d’Enginyeria Química
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Tarragona, Spain
Institute of Biological Information Processing (IBI-5)
Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-2)
Research Center
Juelich, Germany
Dipartimento di Scienze Molecolari e Nanosistemi
Universita’ Ca’ Foscari
Venezia, Italy


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