Formation and Stabilization of Pores in Bilayer Membranes by Peptide-like Amphiphilic Polymers

Soft matter, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C7SM02404E,
Ankush Checkervarty, Marco Werner, and Jens Uwe Sommer
We study pore formation in models of lipid-bilayer membranes interacting with amphiphilic copolymers mimicking anti-microbial peptides using Monte Carlo simulations and we rationalize our results by a simple brush-model for the fluid membrane. In our study a weak tension on the membrane is required […]

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Training in Dresden

An idea not yet presented is as ineffective as no idea.
As almost all the ESRs were reaching the mid term of their Phd projects, they were required to present the ideas that they have learnt and results they have obtained after finishing the half time of their project. All ESRs presented briefly the research, which […]

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Training in Frankfurt

Full of new ideas after the Strasbourg event, most of the ESRs moved towards the Goethe University in Frankfurt to learn some detailed ideas from the in vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo research. This workshop aimed to give an overview of clinical research, which directly helps in the improvement of human health and welfare. Not […]

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ESR3-D: Monte Carlo simulations of lipid membranes and their interactions with copolymers

Theoretical physics, theory in soft matter, computer simulations
Ankush Checkervarty
The challenge of this project is to rationalize the inter effective interactions between amphiphilic copolymers and self-organized lipid bilayer membranes using coarse-grained Monte Carlo methods:

Analyze the effect of many copolymers interacting with a fluctuating membrane
Finding copolymer sequences which match particular tasks such as increasing permeation or disruption
Simulating membranes […]

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