Influence of Acyl Chain Saturation on the Membrane-Binding Activity of a Short Antimicrobial Peptide

ACS Omega, 2(11) 7482–7492 (2017)
Daniela Ciumac, Richard A. Campbell, Luke A. Clifton, Hai Xu∥ , Giovanna Fragneto, and Jian R. Lu
Different bacterial types and their living environments can lead to different saturations in the chains of their membrane lipids. Such structural differences may influence the efficacy of antibiotics that target bacterial membranes. In this work, […]

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Implications of lipid monolayer charge characteristics on their selective interactions with a short antimicrobial peptide

Colloids and Surfaces B, 150, 308–316 (2017).
Daniela Ciumac, Richard A. Campbell, Hai Xu, Luke A. Clifton, Arwel V. Hughes, John R.P. Webster, Jian R. Lu
Many antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) target bacterial membranes and they kill bacteria by causing structural disruptions. One of the fundamental issues however lies in the selective responses of AMPs to different cell […]

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Mechanical properties of atomic force microscopy probes with deposited thin films

Thin Solid Films, (2014) 565, 267–270 DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2014.06.027

L. Sirghi, Daniela Ciumac, V. Tiron
Deposition of thin films on atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes is a common technique that is used to either improve the light reflectance of the back side of the probe cantilevers or to modify the surface properties of the probe tips. However, this technique also affects […]

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ESR9-M: Investigation of interaction of membrane-lytic molecules with lipid monolayer

Supported bilayers and vesicles
The intention of this project is to obtain experimental information and feedback for system improvement of nano-objects interacting with model membranes (supported bilayers and vesicles).

to apply a combination of techniques including neutron reflectivity, SANS (Manchester, Unilever), AFM, TEM (Strasbourg, Manchester) to characterise supported lipid bilayers and model vesicles;
to  investigate  how  different  nano-objects  […]

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