DPPC Bilayers in Solutions of High Sucrose Content

Biophysical J, 114(9), 2165–2173 (2018)
Mattia I. Morandi, Mathieu Sommer, Monika Kluzek, Fabrice Thalmann, André P. Schroder, Carlos M. Marques
The properties of lipid bilayers in sucrose solutions have been intensely scrutinized over recent decades because of the importance of sugars in the field of biopreservation. However, a consensus has not yet been formed on the mechanisms […]

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ESR7-S: Optical microscopy and microrheology of giant unilamellar vesicles interacting with nano-objects

Experimental investigation of unilamellar vesicles and their dynamics
Experimental project on the morphological and mechanical changes in lipid vesicles caused by exposure to the nano-objects, by means of epi- and confocal fluorescence studies.
Emphasis will be put on understanding the influence of lipid composition, oxidation and investigating the membrane structure changes using ratiometric fluorescent probes.

Starting date
December 2014
Methods and […]

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