Apatite nanoparticles strongly improve red blood cell cryopreservation by mediating trehalose delivery via enhanced membrane permeation

Biomaterials, 140, 138-149 (2017).
Martin Stefanic, Kevin Ward, Harvey Tawfik, Ralf Seemann, Vladimir Baulin, Yachong Guo, Jean-Baptiste Fleury, Christophe Drouet
Cryopreservation of red blood cells (RBC) is an important method for maintaining an inventory of rare RBC units and managing special transfusion circumstances. Currently, in a clinical setting, glycerol is used as cryoprotectant against freezing damage. After […]

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ER2-B: Investigation of membrane permeating materials in biostabilisation

Experimental methods and characterisation techniques in cell preservation and biostabilisation
Evaluate how size, shape and physical nature (net charge, pH responsiveness and nanoparticle and CNT characteristics) affect their interaction with membranes. These studies aim to link transfection efficiency from different therapeutic models (size, charge and proteins versus DNA) with the structural design of the therapeutic nanoparticles, […]

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