Equilibrium insertion of nanoscale objects into phospholipid bilayers

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S. Pogodin and V.A. Baulin

Current Nanoscience, 7 (5), 721-726 (2011)

Certain membrane proteins, peptides, nanoparticles and nanotubes have rigid structure and fixed shape. They are often viewed as spheres and cylinders with certain surface properties. Single Chain Mean Field theory is used to model the equilibrium insertion of nanoscale spheres and rods into the phospholipid bilayer. The equilibrium structures and the resulting free energies of the nano-objects in the bilayer allow to distinguish different orientations in the bilayer and estimate the energy barrier of insertion.

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Written by Vladimir Baulin
<p>Expertise is computer simulations and theory of soft matter systems. Research is focused on the topics in the theory of Soft matter, polymer physics.</p>

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