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Soft Matter field evolution analyzed by LLM

The Soft Matter field has seen significant developments over the past decade, with various topics emerging and gaining popularity. Here’s an analysis of the most popular topics in Soft Matter research from 2011 to 2024: Nanoparticle-based soft matter (2011-2016): Reasons: The rise of nan...Read More

Postdoc: q-bio of cellular information processing

We are looking for postdocs with expertise in biology, physics, mathematics, or engineering. Opportunities span experimental, computational, and theoretical projects centered around quantitative micro- and cell-biology. Although research topics are flexible, potential areas of exploration include li...Read More

SoftComp 2023 Conference: Networking Website

To complement the exiting SoftComp 2023 Conference programme, this website enable participants to network on a digital space. By registering to softmap as member of SoftComp, you will gain access to 2 groups and the ability to register to the Networking workshop sessions planned. SofComp Netw...Read More

Idea Generation And AI

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Postdoc on modelling complex colloidal mixtures for use in bionic muscle engineering (Paris-Saclay, France)

We have an open PDRA position (fully funded, four years) on biocompatible stimuli-responsive polymer/colloid mixtures at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides in Orsay, France funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) through a Pathfinder Open research grant. This grant was awarded to a r...Read More

Phd research project: A radical approach to Alzheimer’s Disease via next-generation computational and experimental methods

The proposed PhD project takes on a radical new path towards the study of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which will open novel avenues for the development of breakthrough drugs with high-therapeutic efficacy against AD. This research path builds upon accumulating, compelling and independent lines of evid...Read More

microplastic particle at membrane

Postdoc: Theoretical modeling of nanoparticles interacting with cells

OBJECTIVES The project is based on a recent publications showing the importance of membrane tension for interaction of nanoparticles with cells1–3. Deformation of cells and compression of lipid bilayers by strongly adsorbing nanoparticles is related to a non-chemical and non-biological mechanism of ...Read More