Research topics

Research topics

Soft Matter field evolution analyzed by LLM

The Soft Matter field has seen significant developments over the past decade, with various topics emerging and gaining popularity. Here’s an analysis of the most popular topics in Soft Matter r...

SoftComp 2023 Conference: Networking Website

To complement the exiting SoftComp 2023 Conference programme, this website enable participants to network on a digital space. By registering to softmap as member of SoftComp, you will gain access ...

Idea Generation And AI

Instructions: Fill the survey Try the bot Fill the survey Register to try the bot here [pmpro_checkout]

SoftComp Partner’s Infrastructure: Enabling collaborative research

The study of soft matter requires expertise, resources, and facilities that are not always readily available in individual research groups. This is where the SoftComp Network of Excellence co...

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Human cell culture models

The REPAIR-lab will use human in vitro systems to study the cellular effects of the nano-objects developed by the other partner laboratories.  The use of complete cells represents the most complex of ...

Computer simulations of protein-bilayer interactions

Mutual adaptation of the structure in molecular motors and impact of structural changes in the thermodynamic efficiency of the molecular motor. Open PhD position   more

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