Dr. Sergey Pogodin

Computer Simulation of Nanoparticles Translocation through Phospholipid Membranes within Single Chain Mean Field Approach

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  • Currently: postdoc in ICIQ
  • PhD thesis defended: April 2012, Nomination best PhD thesis
  • Education: Moscow State University (2008 with honors)
  • Supervisor: Vladimir Baulin
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    Sergey Pogodin
    Work is devoted to development and usage in practical applications of the Single Chain Mean Field (SCMF) method of computer simulation of molecular systems. It covers the theoretical bases of the approach in general and special cases, as well as peculiarities of efficient numerical implementation of the method. Few coarse-grained models of DMPC lipid membrane, reproducing within the SCMF method essential characteristics of the lipid bilayer, such as its thickness, density and elasticity, are proposed. One of these models is used to study features of interac- tion between the membrane and different homogeneous and patterned nano-objects, such as carbon nanotubes with different coverings and LEA-protein-like objects.


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